DIY wedding flowers

DIY floral wedding décor requires you to create the designs, buy vases and floral supplies, practise the design, buy the wedding flowers just before the wedding, keep them alive, put the centrepieces together and transport them to the wedding venue. It's a big project, but doable.

Get inspired

Search the internet for photographs and pictures of floral arrangements you would like to copy. Look for designs that include a tutorial. Read and learn about making bouquets, head and wrist garlands, floral balloons and wedding arches etc.

Keep it simple

Choose a design for your bouquets with one or two flowers. Boutonniers and corsages are tricky to make, so use fabric flowers instead or leave them out altogether. Pocket squares are a good alternative.


You can brighten up floral designs with ribbons around the vase or silk butterflies on twigs amongst the flowers themselves. If you have a large number of tables, consider alternating flowers as a centrepiece on one table and floating candles in decorated glass vases on the next. Simple centrepieces can be made from potted plants. Pots of ivy with the pot covered with material or moss and a few small roses added looks good. Pots of garden herbs in a group as the centrepiece can also be your wedding favors. Small glass vases filled to capacity with your flowers also look beautiful, or vases with just two or three large blooms.

Choose hardy flowers

Research flowers that will last. When you get the flowers, put them directly into clean water and remove leaves and foliage below the water line. Store them in a cool, shady place. Allow delivered flowers time to bloom and keep them fresh.

Ask friends for help

Arrange for friends and family to help. Have pictures of what the final product is supposed to look like. Create centerpieces 2 days before the wedding. It will take 3 hours for fifteen centerpieces if there are two people working. A day before the wedding, make the bouquets. Boutonnières and corsages are best made on the day of the wedding or the night before.

Arrange transport

If you are concerned about transport, use opaque vases and floral foam for your centrepieces so they stay in one piece even if they fall over when transported. Alternatively, empty the water from the vases and pack things together compactly so nothing gets knocked around too badly.