10 Steps For Perfect Wedding Flowers

Choosing flowers for your wedding can be challenging. Our 10 step guide for perfect wedding flowers can help:

1. Find the right wedding florist

Talk to friends and relatives who recently got married and find out which florist they used. Consider whether you want a florist who's happy to take control or one who can work with ideas that you may have. Check online to see if their designs match your ideas.

2. Set your wedding flower budget

Spend no more than eight percent of the total wedding budget on flowers. This is to cover flowers needed for all the wedding celebrations. Tell the florist your budget before you commit.

3. Choose the flowers you need

Consider what flowers you want for your wedding party.

  • Bridal bouquet
  • Bridesmaids bouquets
  • Men's boutonnieres
  • Women's corsages and nosegays
  • Flower-girl floral arrangements
  • Ceremonial flowers for the marriage venue
  • Reception flowers to include the tables, the cake, the buffet table and venue decoration.

4. Create a collage

Collect pictures of flowers and floral arrangements that you like. If there are flowers you detest, and arrangements you abhor, put these on a collage too . This will help your florist with the designs.

5. Consider your reception venue d├ęcor

Ask the florist if she knows your wedding venue. Take along the venue brochure in case your florist is unfamiliar with the site, so they can see how best to get the look you wish to achieve.

6. Your wedding color concept

Before you speak with the florist, confirm the colors the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and moms are wearing. First decide the clothing color, then choose your ideal color palette and make a list of your favorite flowers. Then you can ask if your florist can accomplish both.

7. Your wedding dress

Florists base many decisions on the bride's gown including the color, how ornate it is, if it's classic or contemporary etc. Most florists think of the wedding dress as the center-piece of the day, so your wedding dress will give her a good idea of where you're going with the wedding style.

8. Your wedding style

Are you looking to carry a very dramatic, long bunch of flowers or a tight posy of blooms instead? Do the same thinking about the other people in the wedding party. Style will affect costs as well as the choice of flowers for the styles you want.

9. Size matters

How many groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girls will you have to outfit with flowers. This will dramatically impact the price. To save costs on floral centrepieces for tables, consider using floating candle centrepieces if there are several tables.

10. Get everything in writing

Have your florist draft a contract, specifically stating the flowers you're going to have, how many bouquets you'll need, price, and what time you can expect her to arrive on the day of the wedding. For extra clarity, include the things you absolutely don't want